February 19, 2013 Erin Sutherland

Backlog: Amber’s first bath


Amber’s being a pain in the ass today, so I thought I’d embarrass her (if that were really possible) with first bath photos. I mean, other people’s babies have their first bath photos, so why not ours?


Wet fur.


She needed a firm hold to keep her in the tub.


She sure loves Scott. And being clean.

**Bathtime is a lot easier now in the house. We have a hose-connected shower head (to make it tall enough for Scott), so no more Shakespeare’s cup. She’s still not a fan, but at least she stopped trying to escape soaking wet.

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  1. Penny’s a backyard-hose dog. I can’t imagine trying to hold her still in the tub. Of course, most often she’s a salt-water clean ocean dog! 🙂

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