June 17, 2011 Erin Sutherland

Day Off: Woodland Park Zoo

My schedule is a little strange this week, since I am working on Saturday night (but not really working – we get to see the presses as part of the internship). So I joined my favorite Stephanie and her friend (and her friend’s son) on a trip to the Woodland Park Zoo. The weather was nice, and the zoo wasn’t too crowded. And the animals came out to play a bit! A very worth-it visit and day off adventure.



day150 :: year five



For size comparison, see here.


Um, Steph – that’s not a zoo animal. That’s the baby.

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  1. Erika McNamer

    Erin Timothy and I enjoyed going to Woodland Park Zoo when we lived in Bremerton Washington. Glad to hear that you are enjoying your time in Seattle.

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