September 19, 2010 Erin Sutherland

Pizza and light.

I like to photograph dinner.

In doing so last night, I had a moment of zen about light.

Overhead. (6400 ISO, 70mm, f/4, 1/90 sec.)

From the side. (3200 ISO, 70mm, f/2.8, 1/125 sec.)

Each frame has a similar exposure – not exact, but similar. I had to go to f/4 and increase the exposure by about 1/2 stop on the overhead to get the surface of the veggies sharp. And the 1/125 was a little too dark so I brightened it up about 1/2 stop in post. But still. Look at the difference in the light. The pizza did not move, nor did the lights.

Which do you prefer?

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  1. I definitely like the top one. It’s more fun and you can see more detail. The bottom one has too short of a depth of field and the light isn’t flattering.

    Hope that helps! 🙂

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