August 24, 2010 Erin Sutherland


day218 :: year four

Before classes start, an incoming freshmen tradition is to participate in the Tiger Walk. The band, Marching Mizzou, plays. The deans of the school speak. The basketball coach riles everyone up with a rousing “MIZ!” And with a countdown, the kids sprint up over the little hill, through the columns, and finish at department tables set up with banners and piles of Tiger Stripe ice cream set up in front of Jesse Hall.

It’s supposed to signify the entrance into Mizzou and the start of their college careers.

In four years, these kids will be slowly sauntering away from Jesse Hall, up over the hill and through the columns, not running but barely able to inch forward and start their lives as graduates.

Tradition is huge at Mizzou. Some may call it lame, but for most – it’s just a way of life here.

Welcome, class of 2014.

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