April 14, 2010 Erin Sutherland

Advanced Techniques: Fill and Balance + Multiple Flash

Life was a bit unruly during the week before spring break. I’ve lived through some turbulent times, and that week definitely ranks among the worst I’ve ever had in my life. However, my well-earned break came with a fanfare and now I’m feeling quite like myself again. Good thing, since there’s a lot to be done in the next six weeks.

So while I was in DC, I worked on the fill and balance project a little more. I was rained out while in New Jersey early in the week – more like flooded out by a monsoon – so I waited to really concentrate on it later in the week. I had hoped to shoot in at least two different places, but I hit quite a bit of ‘culture shock’ while working on it.

Here in Columbia, we feel safe behind our cameras. The town is so small, I’d guess that half the population has been photographed or knows someone who has been by a journalism kid. But in the Washington, DC area, the percentage is a lot less. Enough to where working on a project is not easy at all, and I learned that the hard way with a lot of ‘no, please don’t take my photo’ and ‘no, I won’t give you my name.’ Thankfully, the ladies in this photo recognized the Missouri School of Journalism as a credible source of students and eventually gave me their first names. Not many new frames, but definitely getting the hang of balancing indoors and outside.

From left: Gina and Martha, both of whom did not want to give their last names, take a look at a gift display inside Cheesetique on Mt. Vernon Avenue in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia on Saturday, April 3. Many people were out enjoying the nice weather on the avenue, which is home to a number of individually owned boutique stores and restaurants.

Multiple Flash

Nathan Moore checks his line while members of the Mizzou Climbing Club look on after repelling down the bluff at Capen Park on Wednesday afternoon. Moore, a freshman at the University of Missouri, has only been rock climbing specifically for two months although he says he’s always been a climber of trees and other scalable objects. When asked whether he prefers climbing here or at the rock wall gym, he said, “The outdoors, definitely. Just for the sake of being outdoors.”