March 21, 2010 Erin Sutherland

Backlog: Missouri Grand Prix

I’m really bad at uploading and blogging images. It’s always been a problem, not just because I’m working some crazy hours this semester. Case in point – I have an entire set of photographs from my move to Missouri that I’ve had on my list to upload and write about, yet they still sit on my computer, waiting.

That was August. Eight and a half months ago.


So without further delay, I present the very few images I actually liked from my two-day stint at the Missouri Grand Prix on February 12th and 14th. I’ve never photographed swimming before, and this was a doozy of an event to start with. But all in all, I learned a ton, took a few fun photographs, and can’t wait to give swimming a shot again this summer.

day029 :: year four

day027 :: year four


(This was an experiment using liveview to get the right angle and focus. Next time, I’ll spend a little longer in the lane to get that focus point perfect.)