January 21, 2010 Erin Sutherland

Project365: The end and the beginning

day365 :: year three
day 365 :: year three

When I started my Project365 three years ago, I had no idea it would turn into such a production. For the first few months after I moved to DC in late 2006, I realized I hardly took photos anymore. This was totally unacceptable. The project seemed to be a great way to keep my hand and eye in photography – especially since I wanted to work as a photographer someday.

So off I went to eBay to find a little point and shoot camera. Once it and its mate arrived (I ended up buying two different used cameras), I tested them for which would become my new companion. The Nikon P2 won out after a few days use, and on January 17th, 2007, I started my project.

Throughout the years in this project, I’ve recorded an incredible amount of moments, memories and places. From being couch-ridden with the flu to numerous photos of my Metro commute, from going to the store to going on vacation, from moving across town to moving across the country, and from the happiest days to the saddest – I’ve documented my life.

It’s incredible to look back and be able to remember all these moments through pictures. And it’s fascinating to look at how my photographic eye and skills have grown through this project. I’ve learned how to find a picture in the mundane, and a picture in the momentary excitement. And, for the most part, not with the best camera in the world but with a small, aging point-and-shoot camera. (Only recently have I been regularly using an SLR.)

365 days a year (plus leap day) for three years straight.

Some days, I wish I could give up. And others, I know I cannot. And there are photos I wish I took, and a few I regret making the pinnacle of my day. Perhaps someday I’ll bring the project to a close. But for now, it lives on. There are new adventures to be had and new photos yet to be taken.

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